Tuesday/Thursday School


Welcome to the PreSchool Ministry of Graymere church of Christ

Tuesday / Thursday School director and teachers are excited about the opportunity to prepare the children of our church and community for their educational experience. We feel there is a need in our community for quality Christian involvement in the education of our preschoolers.
Our preschool ministry at Graymere is not meant to be a substitute for parental authority and instruction, but a Godly extension of it. We believe children are a gift from God. As Christian parents, we cannot ignore our responsibility to instill morals and values in our children as early as possible.
We are thankful to the Lord for this opportunity to minister to the children of our community through this program. We have found that the opportunity to build lasting Christian friendships comes from a program such as this. Having you and your child involved in our program is something we are al looking forward to and we hope you find the Tuesday / Thursday School program one that supports and uplifts your family.



To provide a warm, safe, and secure Christian environment for your child, where children are free to explore individual interests, with teacher support and provide parents with peace of mind. The Graymere church of Christ Tuesday / Thursday School believes that each child is a child of God. Our mission is to foster and enhance children's development. It is our desire to provide an environment where children can develop a curious and playful nature while learning about the wonderful world God created.

I praise You because
You made me in an amazing
and wonderful way.
Psalms 139:14