Care Group

  • Graymere church of Christ Care Groups exist to ensure that all members and others are provided with support in times of need. Care Groups are small communities of members who live in close proximity to each other.  Care Groups provide a unique means of communication to be sure the needs of all members are met.  The birth of a child, newcomers to the community or other such celebrations allow members to rejoice with each other.  Illness, disability, or death presents unique opportunities to share in one another’s burdens. 
  • Whether by delivering a Bible to new parents, delivering a welcome present to new neighbors, providing a meal to share at the conclusion of a funeral, or delivering meals once and even for a prolonged period of time based on an extended illness, Graymere members are busy serving their church and community.  Care Groups are just another way that members of the Graymere church of Christ strive to be Christ-like and truly make a difference!

Senior Group

  • Graymere church of Christ has an active Senior Group who shares in numerous opportunities for worship, service, fun, and fellowship!  Though open to all, the Senior Group usually finds those people over sixty who share common interests working and playing together as Christians.  Visit the Outreach Center adjacent to the building on Tuesday and Thursday of most weeks and you will find many seniors devoting their time to preparing and finding clothes to meet the needs of many in our community.  The Graymere Give-Away Day held in the fall of each year is made possible due to the work of many in the Senior Group in the collecting, sorting, and preparing items to given away.  Other service opportunities arise from time to time such as working with the Church of Christ Disaster Relief in the recent hurricanes so destructive to the Southern coast.
  • A full-time minister works with and serves the Graymere Seniors to plan and meet needs that arise.  Whether through taking a trip to a mystery destination, visiting the mountains to observe God’s beauty, or a simple meal shared together, the Graymere Senior Group provides a network of support to those who are fortunate to have reached that stage in life.  The Graymere church of Christ Senior Group truly is committed to making a difference in themselves, their church, and their community!

Middle Agers

  • Graymere church of Christ Middle-Agers Group is a vibrant group of mid-life, mid-career people.  Whether dealing with growing children, facing an empty nest, or caring for aging parents, common interests and concerns bind them together as they attempt to live a Christ-like life.  A Sunday morning Bible class prepared especially for the needs of this group.
  • The Middle-Agers share ideas, concerns, and prayers for themselves and others dealing with life’s issues.  The Middle-Agers Group is also heavily involved in active mission work.  Works in Panama and Latin America include the School of the Americas Preaching School, Vacation Bible Schools, the Children’s Home, and various building and/or medical trips.  Monetary support to these and other efforts indicate the commitment of the Middle-Agers Group to carry out the Great Commission to ‘’go into all the world and preach the gospel.” 
  • Middle-Agers are also the driving force behind the Give-Away Day held in the fall of each year where consistently over 500 families have been provided groceries, household/school supplies, coats, and other necessities. 
  • The Middle-Agers Group participates in various opportunities for fellowship throughout the year.  If laughter is good medicine, then this group is well able to fill that need!  Seeking to live in the world, but not of the world can be seen as the mission of this active group at Graymere church of Christ.  Each day the Middle-Agers are making a differencein the church, the lives of their families, their professions, and their community!


Young Familes

  • Graymere seeks to promote fellowship and spiritual growth among those raising young children. We provide both Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes geared to this group. Sometimes the young parents study together as a group and sometimes the men and women meet separately to study issues relevant to each. Our young families have activities together throughout the year.



College & Young Professionals

  • Feel like you’re fighting a losing battle in life?  Join the club.  The stress of home life, kids, work and social life affect us all in different ways.  We take comfort knowing that we all struggle in various ways and enjoy learning  how to battle back using the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Applying biblical principles taught by Christ creates meaningful relationships that bring us close to God and each other.  We’ve experienced firsthand how the model of the first century church can bring us closer to God and as a church family.  Come be our guest and let us share the fellowship of Jesus Christ with you and your family.