Christian Counseling



Graymere church of Christ and Agape have partnered for approximately the past fifteen years to provide Christian counseling services for the Maury county community.  Expertise in marriage counseling and both adult and pediatric counseling is available.  Graymere currently has two licensed therapist provided by Agape of Nashville.  Tim Grimes and Lezlie Owsley come every Monday and work out of the Senior Center at the Graymere church on Trotwood Avenue.  Appointments are made by calling 931-540-0174.  Fees are on a sliding scale according to the client’s ability to pay.  Physician referral is not necessary and strict confidentiality is maintained.


It Is Okay To Say No Sometimes


Many of us struggle with guilt for saying no.  As Christians, we often believe that we should help everyone who asks; however, saying yes to everything may indicate that we are not being good stewards of God’s gifts to us.  Frequently, our families and our spiritual lives suffer because we are overextended spending our energy and time on things that don’t have a true value for eternity.

 Jesus spent time alone to refocus and reconnect to His Father.  He created space for stillness and sent His apostles and crowds away so that He could experience moments of sanctuary.  Jesus refreshed His spirit and energy through quiet.  He knew His limitations as a man and respected His need for rest. 

 Jesus also knew who He was.  He did not get His worth from what He did.  Rather, He anchored Himself in being in the image of God and did not have to “do” things in order to feel good about Himself.  Another reason, many of us can’t say no is that we fear rejection and are afraid that people may not like us if we don’t do what they ask.  We somehow have developed the faulty belief that we can keep other people happy.  What is really true is that each person is responsible for their own thoughts and feelings.  No one has the power to change another person.  That power belongs only to God.  In fact, by saying yes to others all the time, we may actually interfere in God’s work in their lives because people begin to rely on man to do what only God can do. 

 Being unable to say no can result in feelings of resentment and depression.  The person who says yes to everyone is often tired and not able to fully utilize their giftedness because of being overextended. The family of the person who says yes to everything often feels neglected and undervalued.  If you have difficulty saying no, perhaps you should consider why.  Are you seeking your value in being pleasing to others?  Are you fearful of being rejected or do you think that saying no means you are not a good Christian?   God’s motive in saying yes and no to us is always love.  Receive God’s permission to say no to some things and accept His invitation to resting in stillness with Him.