Graymere Columbia Bible Institute




"Lifting up Holy hands
a Holy God "

Columbia Bible Institute Preacher's Retreat is made possible by the Graymere church of Christ congregation and many who have proceeded the work of Dan, Kirk and Jody - people like Tom Holland and John Vaughan have helped shape this week over the years, and it is one of the main reasons we're able to use a facility as nice at Graymere Lodge on the Graymere campus. We would love to see you here in November - we have loads of challenging lessons and wonderful fellowship and you will not leave disappointed. 

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Facilities of

Graymere church of Christ

Columbia, Tennessee

Limited Enrollment: 50 Participants

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This covers all cost but transportation - No addtional collections will be taken
Please send your NON REFUNDABLE registration FEE
of $100 by October 13th to:
Graymere church of Christ
1320 Trotwood Ave.
Columbia, TN  38401
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