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Graymere church of Christ
Audio Sermons and sermon notes


Andrew Phillips

Notes are in .pdf format
1.5.14 Does the church even matter Watch Video
1.5.14 Hidden talents
1.12.14 Above all Watch Video
1.12.14 The good samaritan
1.19.14 Back from the dead Watch Video
1.19.14 Soil samples
1.26.14 Breaking down the wall Watch Video
2.2.14 Mystery and mission Watch Video
2.2.14 The table is set
2.9.14 Recipe for church growth Watch Video
2.9.14 Forgiven to forgive
2.16.14 Out with the old Watch Video
2.16.14 Dishonest deals
3.2.14 Watch your step Watch Video
3.9.14 What every marriage needs Watch Video
3.9.14 Vineyard Violence
3.16.14 Life around the house Watch Video
3.16.14 Life in the kingdom of God
3.23.14 Suiting up Watch Video
3.23.14 Two sons, Two decisions
3.30.14 The greed trap Watch Video
3.30.14 Lust, when desire becomes dangerous
4.6.14 What does the bible say about homosexuality Watch Video
4.6.14 The search for truth
4.20.14 The meaning of life Watch Video
4.20.14 Our true identity
4.27.14 "Friends Day" Element of a new life Watch Video
4.27.14 "Friends Day" Bible Class
4.27.14 "Friends Day" Life after Death
5.4.14 The real issue
5.11.14 A mothers love Watch Video
5.11.14 Taking a stand
5.18.14 Think like a child Watch Video
5.18.14 Unlimited refills
5.25.14 Shepherds and sheep Watch Video
6.1.14 Membership matters Watch Video
6.1.14 Your word is truth
6.8.14 Family tree Watch Video
6.8.14 Mountain top faithfulness
6.15.14 Father figure Watch Video
6.15.14 Mountains and valleys
6.22.14 Laying the right foundation Watch Video
6.22.14 Everybody serves somebody
6.29.14 Light in a dark place Watch Video
7.6.14 Warning signs Watch Video
7.6.14 Above all
7.13.14 Waiting on the Lord Watch Video
7.13.14 Crossing the Jordon
8.10.14 The mission and the market place Watch Video
8.10.14 Hope for the hopeless
8.17.14 More than a dream Watch Video
8.17.14 Opening our eyes
8.24.14 The good life Watch Video
8.24.14 The blessing of the Holy Spirit
8.31.14 The upside down life Watch Video
9.7.14 Salt and Light Watch Video
9.7.14 The gift of the Holy Spirit
9.14.14 Called into rightesnous Watch Video
9.14.14 Do you believe in miracles
9.28.14 Who am I Watch Video
10.5.14 Who is in the audience Watch Video
10.5.14 In step with the spirit
10.12.14 There can only be one Watch Video
10.12.14 The promise keeper
10.19.14 The value of life Watch Video
10.19.14 When faith collides with worry
10.26.14 The genuine article Watch Video
10.26.14 Work of art
11.2.14 Passing judgement Watch Video
11.9.14 The demands of dicipleship Watch Video
11.16.14 The right foundation Watch Video
11.16.14 And next to them
11.23.14 Give thanks to the Lord Watch Video
11.23.14 Construction under criticism
11.30.14 Arrival of the king Watch Video
12.7.14 Suffering of the king Watch Video
12.7.14 People of the book
12.14.14 Resurrection of the king Watch Video
12.14.14 Relapse-Nehemiah 13
12.21.14 The ascension of the king Watch Video
12.21.14 Leading and following in Nehemiah

Salt River Mission Report

11.30.14 Arizona Mission Report


Kirk Brothers

11.2.14 Starting over-Nehemiah


Mark Hooper

9.21.14 Dicipleship

Peru Mission Report

9.21.14 Mission Report


Josh Austin

8.31.14 Phoenix mission report


Back to School Sunday
Matt Cook

8.3.14 Back to School with Jesus Watch Video
8.3.14 Overflow
8.3.14 Reaching and keeping the Millenials


Summer Series
Deep and Wide

7.16.14 Jaime Harper-Dealing with addictions
7.23.14 John Thomas- Deeper Bible study
  7.30.14 Joey Spann-What I learned when my heart stopped
8.6.14 Barry Thronebarry-Enriching our prayer lives
8.13.14 Reaching internationals in our community
  8.20.14 Daniel Hope-Dealing with our brokenness
  8.27.14 Steve Baggett-Ministering to those with same-sex attraction


VBS 6/29 - 7/3

Adam Vaughn
David Morris
Jeremy Butt
  Rodney Cloud


Stan Butt Jr.

5.25.14 Psalms-Choices

Bruce McLarty

2.23.14 Do not fear Watch Video
2.23.14 Why I am still a member of the church of Christ
2.23.14 Uncommon commitment


Jonathan Winchester

3.2.14 The church
5.4.14 Suffering
11.9.14 Mission-How to reconnect


Chris Webb

1.26.14 Right brain-Left brain
  7.20.14 Falling in & out of love


Wendell Robinson

4.13.14 Living in view of the setting sun.

John Vaughan

4.13.14 India report
7.27.14 Judgment Day
12.28.14 Enoch's walk with God


Cities of refuge
7.20.14 Rescued
9.28.14 Lord help us to see

Red McCaskill

7.27.14 Proverbs

Preaching Workshop 2/24 Romans:

Terry Edwards Exploring the Background
Jeremy Barrier Understanding Paul's Life
Bruce McLarty Preaching Strategies for Romans
  Q & A Speakers answer questions
Jesse Robertson Preaching Challenging Texts
David Morris A Matter of perspective














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