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Graymere church of Christ
Audio Sermons and sermon notes


Andrew Phillips

Notes are in .pdf format
1.6.13 This one thing Watch Video
1.6.13 This one body
1.13.13 One spirit Watch Video
1.13.13 One hope
1.20.13 One Lord Watch Video
1.20.13 Directions for the Journey
2.3.13 One Faith Watch Video
2.3.13 Sojourning in Egypt
2.10.13 One Baptism Watch Video
2.10.13 One God and Father
3.3.13 Faith at Home Watch Video
3.3.13 How you look at it
3.10.13 Faith in action Watch Video
3.10.13 If I had it my way
3.17.13 Faith on the job Watch Video
3.17.13 No laughing matter
3.24.13 Faith never takes a day off
3.24.13 Warning signs Watch Video
3.31.13 Faith that transforms Watch Video
3.31.13 Put to the test
4.7.13 This one thing you lack Watch Video
4.7.13 Standing on the promises Watch Video
4.21.13 Why the mission matters Watch Video
4.28.13 Family and Friends day
4.28.13 Questions of faith - am- class
4.28.13 Introducing God Watch Video
5.5.13 Introducing the source of wisdom Watch Video
5.5.13 Decisions-Decisions
5.12.13 The perfect gift for mothers Watch Video
5.12.13 The power of courage
5.19.13 Introducing the true sheppard Watch Video
5.19.13 Bearing fruit-Love
5.26.13 Introducing the God who sees Watch Video
6.2.13 The Lord is my banner Watch Video
6.9.13 Introducing the God who is our peace Watch Video
6.9.13 Bearing fruit-Joy
6.16.13 Introducing God our Father Watch Video
6.16.13 Bearing fruit-peace
6.23.13 On dry ground Watch Video
6.23.13 Bearing fruit-patience
6.30.13 In Bitter waters Watch Video
6.30.13 Bearing fruit-kindness
7.7.13 In our own eyes Watch Video
7.14.13 Follow the leader Watch Video
7.14.13 Bearing fruit..Goodness
7.21.13 More than a pile of stones Watch Video
7.21.13 Bearing fruit...Faithfulness
8.11.13 Giving and Growing Watch Video
8.11.13 Growing in both directions
8.18.13 Seeing service God's way (Deacons) Watch Video
8.25.13 Seeing service God's way 2 (Deacons) Watch Video
8.25.13 Bearing fruit-Gentelness  
9.1.13 In the beginning Watch Video
9.1.13 Bearing fruit-Self control  
9.8.13 From water to wine Watch Video
9.8.13 Faith under fire  
9.15.13 From seeing to believing Watch Video
9.15.13 Overcoming temptation  
9.22.13 Are you ready to get up Watch Video
9.22.13 Living the life  
9.29.13 Playing favorites Watch Video
10.6.13 Satisfying our hunger Watch Video
10.6.13 Faith that works  
10.13.13 Walking on water Watch Video
10.13.13 Powerful prayer  
10.20.13 Spiritual eye exam Watch Video
10.20.13 Raising the dead  
10.27.13 Looking at the cross Watch Video
10.27.13 Looking into the empty tomb  
11.3.13 Consumer Warning Watch Video
11.10.13 Our first contribution  
11.10.13 Faith or circumstances Watch Video
11.17.13 Let's sing Watch Video
11.17.13 Our joyful noise  
11.24.13 Prayer of thanks Watch Video
11.24.13 The model prayer  
12.1.13 Shaped by the word Watch Video
12.8.13 Around the table Watch Video
12.8.13 His last supper  
12.15.13 In Christ alone-Comfort Watch Video
12.15.13 In Christ alone-Life  
12.22.13 In Christ alone-Victory Watch Video
12.22.13 In Christ alone-Security  


Dan Winkler

11.3.13 Happiness


Summer Series

Bill Watkins How to be an inside out church
Taft Ayers Reaching out to the community
Jim Gardner Sharing Christ in our culture
Brian Gregory Serving others

Todd Burka/Chris Malone

Discussion-Reaching Ahead
Kyle Bolton Looking forward to heaven
Jeremy Hall Leaving a legacy
Amanzo Jones Impacting someones eternity


Back to School Sunday
Ralph Gilmore

8.4.13 Back to the Future Watch Video
8.4.13 Back to the Future (am class) Watch Video
8.4.13 Choices Watch Video


Wendell Robinson

7.7.13 How have you loved us
9.29.13 A message for us
12.29.13 Heart of dicipleship


Jonathan Winchester

5.26.13 Getting to heaven Watch Video
12.1.13 The future of the church looks bright  


Chris Webb

4.21.13 What is your story
8.18.13 Mission Trip


John Vaughan

1.27.13 Amazing Grace
  1.27.13 The Great commission
4.14.13 First things first
4.14.13 India mission report
6.2.13 The transfiguration
7.28.13 Can you recommend your religion
  7.28.13 What does it profit
  12.29.13 India report


Preaching Workshop - 2/25


Bill McDonald

2.17.13 Restoring my soul - am
2.17.13 Restoring my soul - class
2.17.13 Restoring my soul - pm


Tom Alexander

2.24.13 Building our house- am
2.24.13 Music in worship - class
2.24.13 Traditions - pm




















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