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Graymere church of Christ
Audio Sermons and sermon notes


Andrew Phillips

Notes are in .pdf format
1.1.12 Love above all
1.1.12 Living on purpose
1.8.12 Compassion takes time
1.8.12 Understanding Angels
1.15.12 Evangelism, what do we see
  1.15.12 The role that angels play
1.22.12 Love above all...obedience
1.22.12 Fallen angels
2.5.12 Profiles in leadership
2.5.12 Questions about angels
2.12.12 What the apostles could not do
2.12.12 Friend requests-David/Jonathan
2.19.12 Playing the fool
2.19.12 A fork in the road
2.26.12 The road to the throne
2.26.12 The two books
3.4.12 Recovery Mission
3.4.12 Why.. the universal question
3.11.12 To tell the truth
3.11.12 Who do you trust
3.18.12 A house divided
3.18.12 Bless the Lord
3.25.12 A drink of water
4.1.12 Creation
4.1.12 No expiration date
4.8.12 Salvation
4.8.12 A Clean Heart
4.15.12 Santification
4.15.12 The Lord reigns
4.22.12 Evangelism
5.6.12 Evil and Suffering
5.6.12 What next
5.13.12 Gifts that last from mothers
5.13.12 Bad things done in the name of religion
5.20.12 How I can know I am saved
5.20.12 Understanding the trinity
5.27.12 Do we choose or are we chosen
6.3.12 Bearing our responsibilities
6.3.12 Staying on our feet
6.10.12 Life after death
6.10.12 Tough questions-hot potatoes
6.17.12 Leaving a legacy
6.17.12 Tough questions- hot potatoes 2
6.24.12 A supper like no other
7.1.12 Making our words count
7.8.12 What message is worth your life
7.8.12 A blindness that was not healed
7.15.12 Change of heart
7.15.12 Set free
7.22.12 What the Bible says about homosexuality Watch Video
7.22.12 Through the roof
8.5.12 On trial alone Watch Video
8.12.12 One is a whole number Watch Video
8.12.12 A not so new commandment
8.19.12 A change of plans Watch Video
8.19.12 Encourage one another
8.26.12 His mission our mission Watch Video
9.2.12 Dealing with rejection Watch Video
9.2.12 Accepting one another
9.9.12 Launch out into the deep Watch Video
9.9.12 Speaking to one another in psalms
9.16.12 Fill in the blank Watch Video
9.16.12 Instructing one another
9.23.12 Choose your own ending Watch Video
9.23.12 Be at peace with one another
10.14.12 A mountain top experience Watch Video
10.14.12 An unusual recipe
10.21.12 Be prepared Watch Video
10.21.12 At the end of day
10.28.12 Lost and found Watch Video
10.28.12 Pride versus humility
11.4.12 A Triumphal Entry Watch Video
11.4.12 Truth vs Lies
11.11.12 In the garden Watch Video
11.11.12 Taking life vs. giving life
11.18.12 The Darkest hour Watch Video
11.18.12 Battlefield of the mind
11.25.12 Unending Gratitude Watch Video
11.25.12 Where are you running
12.2.12 The road to understanding Watch Video
12.2.12 What are we saying
12.9.12 Looking at the sky Watch Video
12.9.12 Sowing and Reaping
12.16.12 When tragedy strikes Watch Video
12.16.12 Two disciples, Two paths
12.23.12 Three gifts from God Watch Video
12.23.12 No fear

David Shannon
Parenting with the end in mind

9.29 Lesson #1
9.29 Lesson #2


Andy Connelly
Family Weekend

9.30 Him only shall you serve Watch Video
  9.30 Andy and Marlin Connelly am class
  9.30 Love is enduring


Lonnie Jones
Back to School Sunday

7.29 From dependence to independence Watch Video
7.29 Dependence to independence am class
  7.29 Be a servant

Summer Series
Restore my Soul

Bryan McAlister Walking thru the valley
  James Hayes Facing our fears
  John Dale Dealing with tragedy
Craig Evans Overcoming Anger
Jerry Martin Wrestling with Worry
  Ben Hayes Battling Burnout
  Andy Baker Living Joyfully
Don Loftis Practicing Forgiveness


John Vaughan

7.1.12 Last words of Jesus
8.5.12 Is the young man safe
10.7.12 Pearl of great price
  10.7.12 Galatians 3
  12.30.12 No room for Jesus
  12.30.12 Caleb


Kirk Brothers

5.27.12 The story teller


Stephen Kelley Love the Lord with all of your heart
James Hayes Love the Lord with all of your soul
Andy Connelly Love the Lord with all of your mind
Chris Webb Love the Lord with all of your strength


Steve Baggett

4.29.12 am Friends am
4.29.12 class Friends class
4.29.12 pm Friends pm


Dr. Ed Gallagher

1.29.12 am The greatest command from OT to NT
1.29.12 class Understanding the NT by understanding the OT
1.29.12 pm Son of David and suffering servant


Jonathan Winchester

3.25.12 Barriers in the way


Greg Phillpot/Darren Dykes

8.26.12 Mission Report











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