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Graymere church of Christ

Audio Sermons


Andrew Phillips

  3.6.11 What are we made of
6.5.11 Understanding our Identity
6.5.11 Road to Salvation
6.12.11 Understanding Salvation
6.12.11 Compass of the Cross
6.19.11 The Ultimate Father
6.19.11 Staying on Fire
6.26.11 The next generation
6.26.11 Lesson from a little girl
7.3.11 Church matters
7.10.11 In spirit and in truth
7.10.11 Pauls resume
7.17.11 Sharing the word
7.17.11 Soil Testing
7.24.11 Sojourners
7.24.11 Can these bones live
7.31.11 Sojourners II
8.7.11 Heroes of faith
  8.7.11 Holy Priesthood
8.14.11 Silencing the critics
8.14.11 Heroes, hearts for God
8.21.11 In who's steps
8.28.11 More than words
8.28.11 Unlikely heroes
9.4.11 The first step
9.4.11 Overcoming the odds
9.11.11 Seeing Things
9.11.11 Flying Blind
9.18.11 Follow the Leaders
9.18.11 Reading the church email
10.2.11 Parting Instructions
10.2.11 Riches without wealth
10.9.11 When stuff reigns supreme
10.9.11 Faith without compromise
10.23.11 When work takes over
10.23.11 Waiting on the star
10.30.11 Status determins decisioins
10.30.11 Wake Up
11.6.11 Worldy Wisdom
11.6.11 Holding the keys
11.13.11 A Forgiving Heart
11.13.11 Taking our temperature
11.20.11 Giving thanks in everything
11.20.11 Jonah man on the run
11.27.11 Grieving
11.27.11 Jonah a cry for help
12.4.11 Dealing with doubt
12.4.11 Jonah the reluctant missionary
12.11.11 Think on these things
12.11.11 Jonah a suprise ending
12.18.11 Battling Burnout
12.18.11 A second chance
12.25.11 A shelter in the time of storm

How to study the Bible

David Morris Why study the Bible
David Morris Practical ways to study the Bible
David Morris Let's make application

Summer Series

Mike Tucker The power of God
Ted Burleson Why study the Bible
Doug Burleson The story of the Bible
Dan Chambers Study the word



David Shannon Get more bowls
Wayne Miller Josiah
David Phillips The moving shadow


Kirk Brothers


Wendell Robinson

Audio in MP3 format
1.2.11 Effects of Jesus within
3.6.11 Stronger than Crabgrass


John Vaughan

Audio in MP3 format
  1.23.11 Building on God
  1.23.11 Treasures in Heaven
1.30.11 Heaven
1.30.11 Hell
3.13.11 One Life
3.20.11 Watch
3.20.11 Be not Anxious
3.27.11 Rich in good works
  3.27.11 Questions
4.3.11 The church is noted
4.3.11 I can do all things
5.1.11 Conversion of Eunuch
  5.1.11 Kings
10.16.11 Memory


Jonathan Winchester

3.13.11 Serving the Savior
7.3.11 Freedom in forgiveness
8.21.11 The Lord's last command


Chuck Morris

  5.29.11 I will change your name


Tyler Wunderlich

7.31.11 Turning the world


PM Worship Service Oct. 16th 2011

Stewart-Blake-Tyler Sermons and Songs






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